Marshaun Glover
Are You an Unmotivated and Unproductive Mess?
How to Break Out of the 
Unproductive Funk in Just 7 Days!
Go From Being Unmotivated & Unproductive... 
to Getting More Done In Less Time

Marshaun Glover, Ph.D.

Dr. Marshaun Glover is a psychologist in Boston, Massachusetts. 
For the last 11 years he has helped people change their beliefs and mindset so that they can reach their fullest levels of achievement, experience happiness, and improve their mood. 
In This Series You Will Get:
1. Scientifically tested strategies for controlling negative thoughts. 

2. Easy to learn and easy to apply for LASTING THOUGHT CHANGE.

3. Deal with deep issues interfering with achieving your life's goals.

4. Unlock your full potential and not be weighted down by your negative thoughts.

5. Use the power of evidence-supported thinking to be more positive and effective.
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