Are You Ready Become Unstoppable? 
Learn 5 Simple Steps to Master your Mind Video Course to:
1. Change self-sabotaging beliefs.

2. Stop being afraid to take risks.

3. Experience more happiness.

4. Set goals and actually reach them in personal, financial, fitness, and more.
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Own Pace
There is nothing more important than taking the time to master your mind. 
Scientifically Valid 
Derived from scientifically-validated cognitive psychology interventions.
Only Takes 1.5 Hours to Complete
The videos provide an in-depth information to help you see change. Practice on your own is recommended for optimal results.
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In This Course You Will Learn:

1. The relationship between the way you think about situations and what you perceive in those situations, 

2. To use a proven 5-step process to help you gain control over your negative thinking.

3. How to know if you are improving, even if you don't feel like it.

Mastering this simple process will help you be more successful in achieving your goals.
Misato says:
"This class helped me to overall understand the combating skills of how to overcome negative thinking as soon as it sets onto our minds. It was helpful that the instructor made us go over key points at the end of the class so it stays on our minds fresh. The handouts that he gave us was helpful too so that way we can keep track on how we are doing on day to day basis. The instructor made me laugh when he started munching on the cookie - what a subliminal message there..I had to go grab a cookie myself right after that session. He made me feel comfortable and it felt as easy as listening to a very knowledgeable friend is speaking to me about analyzing our negative thinking. Overall, this was very helpful."
Tanisha says:
"Dr. Glover engages his audience through real-life situations that I can relate to. Moreover, the course is easy to understand instead of trying to figure out what is going on and his message for the audience."
Maria says:
"Marshaun's course is great. I really like MATE! I also enjoy Marshaun' s sense of humor and how clear he makes what he's teaching. This is a wonderful tool to get a handle on how negative thinking could be at play in undermining success - and most importantly, what to do about it!"
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