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Overcoming Fear is the Secret to Your Success
"Whether large or small, everything you avoid gets stronger." 
Dr. Marshaun Glover

"We often suffer more imagination than in reality."  Seneca
The purpose of each keynote is to introduce novel ideas about healing from fear and not allowing it to stifle one's potential. 

30-60 minutes speeches are intended for moderate to large audiences.

Speeches may be given at a podium or without.

All speeches to be video recorded for marketing and promotional purposes at the discretion of Dr. Glover.
How to See Failures as Solutions
  • Be able to adjust your beliefs about failure and take more effective actions. 
  • Obtain several examples of ways you can incorporate daily goal-setting in daily actions.
How to Shift Your Mindset to Becoming Unstoppable
  • Learn the strategies that top athletes, performers, and entrepreneurs use to ensure success.
  • Become aware of the mindsets preventing you from performing at your best.
  • Learn how to set goals for yourself that will make you unstoppable. 
Why Self-Care Is not Selfish
  • Help providers understand the importance of utilizing self care.
  •  Explore a new way of thinking about caring for yourself that challenges your old belief patterns and makes you healthier and 2X as effective!
- Seminars/workshops are designed for in-depth work on addressing deep seated beliefs that effect the emotions and behaviors most relevant to your area of work.

- Developed for moderate sized groups through the use of exercises, role-play, and active sharing of personal information. 

*(Seminar attendees will not be forced to share, but most who do often feel it is tremendously beneficial to their growth).
Changing Beliefs to Develop Effective Self-Care
  • Will learn to incorporate self-care into your health and wellness behaviors.
  •  Change the way you currently think about self-care in a negative way.
Stress-Management Strategies for High Achievers
  • Understand your current effective and ineffective stress management strategies.
  •  Explore the underlying pressures that influence your conscious and unconscious management of stress.
Developing Mental Agility that Will Bring You the Success You Crave
  • Learn how to form stronger belief patterns that lead to more decisive actions.
  •  Learn how to set high goals and actually achieve them.
Do You Think We are a Good Fit?
Dr. Glover provides presentations meant to inspire and educate the audience in the form of keynotes, seminars, and training. A range of areas are covered that address use of the best strategies to face fear, worry, and manage stress affecting academic performance, success in business, leadership, daily life skills, and more. Presentations may be customized to fit your needs if related to helping people be more productive in reaching the fullest potential without being stifled by fear. 
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